George Guzman - Introducing George Guzman (LP)


It was 1968 when Fania Records President, Jerry Masucci, received a phone call from conguero George Guzman, inviting Jerry to listen to his band. Jerry turned the project over to Harvey Averne, who later reported to Jerry that the band was “out of sight” and suggested that Masucci sign them up.

A short time later, things became complicated for George and his band. First of all, the lead singer was drafted into the military, leaving George high and dry. By the time a replacement was found, George learned that his trumpet player was leaving to join another orchestra, so the search was on for his replacement. One problem led to another and before you knew it several months had gone by before George was finally ready to enter the studio and begin recording.

Thanks to George and Harvey’s perseverance, “Introducing George Guzman” was released in time for George to join the fray of Boogaloo bands that had brightened up the night scene in New York City in 1968.

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Side A 

  1. Marilu
  2. Chant Of The Isles
  3. Banana Freak Out
  4. Lazy Boogaloo

Side B 

  1. George's Jala Jala
  2. Camarón
  3. Cacumen
  4. French Boogaloo
  5. Hierba Buena (Good Grass)

• Pressed on 180-gram vinyl

• All-analog mastering and cut from the original stereo tapes