Headshot for Eddie Palmieri

Eddie Palmieri

Eddie Palmieri is considered one of the most creative, unique artists in musical history. It is impossible to summarize in a few short words Eddie’s trajectory and contributions as a pianist, composer, arranger, orchestra director, and above all, as a leader in producing albums with successful artists and bands.

A self-professed lover of jazz and salsa (a genre in which he was a pioneer), Eddie experimented with Afro-Caribbean beats, giving them an innovative sound.

Over the course of his long and successful career, Eddie Palmieri imprinted his excellence on more than 35 albums, including the following: “Palo pa’ rumba;” “Champagne;” “Unfinished Masterpiece” (with the participation of vocalist Lalo Rodríguez); “Sing Sing,” which was released twice; “Vámonos pa’l monte” (considered one of the classics of his discography); and “The Sun of Latin Music,” the first Latin album to win a Grammy, in 1974.

During his long and successful career, he played concerts and recorded with the Tico All Stars. Later, he performed with the internationally acclaimed Fania All Stars.