Ray Barretto, Adalberto Santiago & Celia Cruz – Tremendo Trio

Tremendo Trio album cover

This 1983 Fania release kicks off with “Nadie Se Salva De La Rumba.” A tune that highlights the talents of the three stars that are featured in this album: Celia Cruz, Ray Barretto, and Adalberto Santiago. It sets the tone for what is to follow. Recording excellence under the direction of Ray Barretto and the brilliant voices of Celia and Adalberto who bounce off each other with inspired soneos while Ray performs a super solo on his tumbadora. Adalberto is right at home performing for Barretto. After all, Ray had chosen him to be the lead singer when he formed the Tipica 73 band. This outstanding orchestra is on the money with Oscar Hernandez and Louie and Cruz on piano, both contributing mightily to the exciting musical arrangements. On bass you have Ray Martinez, Carlos Soto on bongos, Ralph Irizarry on timbales, and Joe De Jesus on trombone. The trumpet section consists of the talented Charlie Harnandez, Ken Fradley, Ray Gonzalez, Tim Quimette, and Tony Barrero. Felo Barrio joins Adalberto singing coro. All in all a tremendous orchestra fronted by a tremendo (tremendous) trio. —Bobby Marin