Ray Barretto – Indestructible

Ray Barretto - Indestructible album cover

Unbeknownst to many, it’s not so easy leading a band. Especially a successful one in demand throughout the world. Ray Barretto found this out during the early 1970’s when differences of opinions divided his orchestra. That was the situation when key members of Barretto’s orchestra decided to venture out and form their own new orchestra, Tipica 73. But that was not enough to affect the brilliance of Ray Barretto. He filled the empty spots left by the exodus of his musicians by replacing singer Adalberto Santiago with the accomplished vocalist, Tito Allen, who does an amazing job in this album. Additionally, Ray brought in timbalero Little Ray Romero to keep the rhythm section tight; led by the ‘hard hands’ of ultra-congero Ray Barretto. Along with a repertoire of sensational songs and arrangements, Barretto didn’t miss a beat in this, arguably, his greatest album; proving once again that Ray Barrett0 was truly “Indestructible.”