Johnny Pacheco – Pacheco y Su Charanga


This is a crucial album. It’s the first album released by Al Santiago’s Alegre Records company and became the top selling album for the popular Alegre label during its entire existence. It was released in time for New York dancers to develop the Pachanga. A dance craze from Cuba that took New York by storm for several years. This album, which features Elliot Romero on vocals, runs the complete gamut of danceable music including Pachanga, Son Montunos and Cha cha cha’s. For Johnny Pacheco it is key because it kick-started the flautist’s career which ultimately brought him fame and fortune as bandleader; as well as co-owner/producer for Fania Records. Pacheco went on to produce recordings by the biggest names in Latin music including Hector Lavoe, Celia Cruz and Ruben Blades.