Celia, Johnny And Pete

Celia, Johnny & Pete

This album is a true delight to own and dance to. Not only do you have the presence of the fabulous combination of Celia Cruz and Johnny Pacheco, but this album includes a vital contribution from the renowned sonero, Pete (El Conde) Rodriguez. This is a recording that includes the multi-talented Pacheco crew which includes piano/arranger Sonny Bravo and the additional keyboard artistry of composer/arranger Oscar Hernandez. Along with Johnny Pacheco who excels as Composer, Coro singer, primary artist, producer, and vocalist, we get the exhilarating voices of the queen of Salsa, Celia Cruz and Pete El Conde. The talented Javier Vazquez, Wison Torres, Jr., Luis Garcia, and the fabulous Papo Lucca put their imprint in their performances. The trumpet section is blessed with the talents of Pedro ‘Puchi’ Boulong, Luis ‘Perico’ Ortiz and Hector ‘Bomberito’ Zarzuela. The consistently tight rhythm section includes veterans Milton Cardona, Hector Casanova, Luis Mangual, and Eddy Montalvo. The coro includes the voices of Adalberto Santiago, Ramon Rodriguez, Perico Ortiz and of course the inimitable sound of Johnny Pacheco. Sal Cuevas is on bass There is a lot to appreciate and enjoy in this piece of Salsa History. And you will be delighted to hear this magical trio: Celia, Johnny, and Pete. —Bobby Marin