Joe Cuba And Orchestra  – I Tried To Dance All Night


In this 1956 recording, the Joe Cuba Sextet shows its versatility, excitement, and their amusement within each of these songs.  A great variety of music is encompassed in this package including english jams like “Mambo Of The Times” and “Temptation”. I must say the album cover is quite provocative, as well. Sadly, Joe left us in 2009, however, he left us the opportunity to listen to the electrifying sounds of The Joe Cuba Sextet.   

The first time I met Joe Cuba was in 1964. My writing partner, the illustrious Louie Ramirez, had informed me that Joe Cuba wanted me to attend a rehearsal for his “My Man Speedy” album. He needed a tune. So we appeared at Sonny’s (Joe’s) lovely home in Baldwin, Long Island, and I was immediately in awe. The Joe Cuba Sextet, in person. Well, to make a looong story short, we completed the rehearsal ……… the following day. The first session is still a blur. All I remember is lots of laughing, booze, pizzas … and whatever. But the following day their professional side came out and the incomparable Joe Cuba Sextet had created another great album.