Headshot for Markolino Dimond

Markolino Dimond

If you look up the word “Brujería” in a Spanish/English dictionary the definition in English translates to witchcraft, sorcery and magic. Indeed, magic is the ideal word to describe the enchanting music of Markolino (Mark) Dimond.

Just listen to his incredible solos on “Mi Irmita”, “Aguardiente”, “Tiene Sabor”, “Mariquita”, “Yo No Tengo Pena” and “El Barrio”. In the tune, “Tiene Sabor” the singer crows about the essence of the band and shows off the talents of the bassist and timbalero as well as Dimond’s inimitable work. In “Brujeria”, “Mariquita”, “Yo No Tengo Pena” and “El Barrio” the trumpeter also steps out to show off his skills.

The talented Markolino wrote and arranged all of the selections on this album. His work on the keyboards serves as the driving force behind his orchestra. The musical arrangements here tend to move the listener (in particular his or her feet) due to the flow of musical prowess that gushes from the instruments of this group of fine musicians. All in all, this is an album you’ll truly enjoy.

Written by Bobby Marín