Headshot for Roberto Roena

Roberto Roena

The veterans of salsa form a brotherhood that has been characterized by wooing young talent from other bands. Such was the case with Roberto Roena, who early in his musical career joined the band Cortijo and His Combo, brought on by the departure of the group’s lead singer, Ismael Rivera. With the band, Roberto became known for his stage presence and showmanship, dressing his performances up with innovative and eccentric choreography and dances.

This musical escapade lasted for seven years, during which he performed on the biggest stages of Europe and the Americas. Later, Roberto joined the group “Gran Combo de Puerto Rico,” a famous musical institution that earned power and prestige. However, always in search of new musical horizons, Roberto was inspired to form his own band, surrounded by excellent musicians and arrangers. Thus was born “Roberto Roena and his Apollo Sound,” whose introduction to the music scene coincided with the Apollo space shuttle’s voyage to the moon in 1969. Along with the “Apollo Sound,” Roberto Roena began a journey toward consecration with a series of hits and the public’s recognition of their unparalleled artistic talent.