Ismael Miranda started singing when he was barely an adolescent. It was for that reason that the young singer with the resounding and melodious voice came to be known as the “Pretty Boy.” Gaining popularity as the front man for the Larry Harlow Orchestra and receiving recognition as one of the members of the Fania All Stars, Ismael arrived on the scene at the peak of the salsa movement, and quickly became one of the most sought-after and respected artists of the Afro-Caribbean genre.

His rapid fame also brought him face-to-face with the dangers of New York’s nightlife – especially those to a young man making good money. Displaying a wisdom beyond his years, Miranda decided to move to Isla del Encanto, Puerto Rico. There, he isolated himself from friendships and the hustle and bustle of the big city, while seeking new horizons, both personal and professional. The move was the right one, and in Puerto Rico Ismael Miranda grew as a singer, musician, and businessman.

As the years passed, Miranda became one of the most respected, loved, and admired salsa artists of all time. His career is an example for all professional musicians. This album, “Así se compone un son,” marks the first musical chapter of the inspired singer’s lifestyle change. Accompanied by the Orquesta Revelación, a group of magnificent musicians assembled to accompany the Fania All Stars on their multiple visits to Puerto Rico, Miranda continued his hot streak with the album’s title track: “Así se compone un son.” It was an enormous hit, and put Miranda on the map as one of the most valued and highest paid artists, not only in Isla del Encanto, but in the growing world of salsa as well. “Así se compone un son” also set the standard for the musical life of the great sonero.

Finally, Ismael had absolute control over his career, and his wisdom was clearly demonstrated by the success of the album. Mirando was no longer the “pretty boy” or the front man for the Larry Harlow Orchestra. Now he was a star. His popularity and economic success were in his hands. This album is an unending series of hits, including “Nicolás,” “Ahora sí, the Curet Alonso number “Sonerito,” the bolero classics “Sálvame” and “Las cuarentas,” and the guajira hit “Mulence,” not to mention “Me voy pa’ Colombia,” “Cuídate bien,” and the merengue number “Ahora que estoy sabroso.” Here you will find more than 45 minutes of the best dance music from the days when salsa was queen – arrangements that pervade music still today.

This album is one of the most danceable of all time, and introduces one of the best artists of Caribbean music. This is Ismael Miranda at his best. Without a doubt, “Así se compone un son” is a shining example of how to bring all the flavors of salsa into a perfect, delectable balance. It was, and will continue to be, the epitome of pure enjoyment. This album will never fade away, because its mouthwatering poetry just leaves you wanting more.

Musicians: Ismael Miranda – Leader, Lead Vocals, Coro, Guiro, Maracas Oscar Hernandez – Piano Jose Raul Santiago – Bass Nelson Gonzalez – Tres, Coro Nicky Marrero – Bongo, Timbales Frankie Rodriguez – Tumbadora Carlos de Leon – Trumpet Mariano Rodriguez – Trumpet Miguel Colon – Trombone Recorded at: Good Vibrations Sound Studios Engineer: Jon Fausty Cover Photo: Len Bauman Album Design; We 2 Graphic Design

Written by Juan Moreno Velázquez