Ernie Agosto y Orquesta La Conspiracion recorded this album, “Ernie’s Conspiracy,” for Fania’s Vaya label back in 1972, and the album still sounds fresh enough to challenge the contemporary Salsa bands of today. It was produced by Willie Colon who certainly demanded a good, tight sound and engineered by multi-Grammy winner, Jon Fausty, who credits this album as being the first time he had the pleasure of working with Willie. Each individual member of this band contributed significantly to the significance of this production. If you listen to the synchronization of trumpeters, band leader Ernie Agosto and George Gentile; the piano solo by Nelson Sanchez on “La Culebra”; the tightness of the rhythm section on “Se Acaba El Mundo”; the vocal stylings of Cubano Miguel Quintana you’ll understand why this album received such high acclaim upon its original release in 1972. Few albums offer the various characteristics that you’ll find when you listen to and enjoy “Ernie’s Conspiracy”.

Written by Bobby Marin