In the year 1967, when the Boogaloo craze was at its peak, Joey Pastrana, being aware that there were rumors floating around regarding Johnny Colon and the breaking up of his band, wrote a song for Johnny to record. That song was called “That’s How Rumors Start”. However, Johnny refused the song. So producer George Goldner told Joey to record it himself, which he did on this, his second album for Cotique. Tony & Tito, formerly of the Johnny Colon band collaborated with Joey on this recording, after forming their own TNT band, and can be heard singing coro on this album. Joey Pastrana became one of the primary contributors to this great Latin Soul sound while showing a proficiency in being able to bring across great Salsa recordings.. His recordings of Riki-Chi and Rumors were right up there with Johnny Colon’s Boogaloo Blues in record-setting sales at that time. Even today, almost 40 years later, Joey’s recordings are still in demand throughout Latin America and Europe.

Written by Bobby Marin