Headshot for Sonora Ponceña

Sonora Ponceña

Paying tribute to its native city, this band first hit the scene in Ponce, Puerto Rico. This is also where the band got the name known around the world, “La Sonora Ponceña.”

La Sonora Ponceña’s fame and success are due largely to the contributions of Papo Lucca Jr., who took the band over from his father, Don Quique Lucca.

Papo “Lucca” Jr., a consummate musician and arranger, would make varied, significant and important contributions to the band, such as experimenting with a totally new fusion of modern Cuban styles and jazz.

The band gained fame in 1960 while traveling to New York to give a series of performances in which the group cemented its position as one of the most highly demanded bands among Hispanic fans.

The success of the band’s first album was the preamble to a total of 32 albums, which have stood out for not only their content, but for the artwork on the covers, which have been considered veritable works of art that reaffirmed the band’s leadership from the very beginning.

Sonora Ponceña’s staying power over the years is evidenced by the unwavering acceptance of its fans, who continue to demand the band’s music and attend its countless concerts in various arenas.