When you think Latin Soul you relate to a mélange of R & B and Mambo rhythms intermixed culturally by and for the youth of America. It was 1974, and a brash youngster by the name of Ralfi Pagan walked into the offices of Fania Records and demanded to be heard. Fania President Jerry Masucci allowed Ralfi that opportunity, and Ralfi auditioned for Jerry right there in his office. It took only a few moments for Masucci to realize that he was in the company of his newest recording artist; he put Ralfi in touch with recording director, Johnny Pacheco, who hurried him into the recording studio for Ralfi’s first Fania recording session.

Regrettably, Ralfi is no longer with us, but it is our good fortune that he has left us a wealth of fine music for our enjoyment and consumption; a mixture of Latin Soul classic ballads for romancin’ and an assortment of up-tempo jams for partyin’ down.

Written by Bobby Marin

Album Credits:

Recorded At – Impact Sound Studio
Audio Engineer – Richard Alderson
Original Cover Photo – Marty Topp
Original Cover Design – Izzy Sanabria
Arrangements – Marty Sheller
Recording Director – Johnny Pacheco
Producer – Jerry Masucci

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