Joe Bataan –  Gypsy Woman

Joe Bataan - Gypsy Woman

It was 1966 when Joe Bataan headlined the show at the Bronx’s Colgate Gardens. He was known locally to his Bronx fanbase. He had yet to record his first album and generally unknown. In fact, the MC mistakenly introduced him as Joe Batman. But I knew he was something special when he opened the set with his original composition of “Gypsy Woman.” It was different, yet refreshing, this new sound. The crowd of youngsters gathered around the stage to watch this teenage performer and his band of young musicians perform. The rest of the crowd danced. And I saw by the reactions that this would be big. I wanted to sign him up and produce his first album but he belonged to Al Santiago’s new label, Futura Records. I got to attend Joe’s first recording and knew it would be a killer album. But along came Johnny Pacheco who wanted Bataan for his new label, Fania, and worked out a deal to obtain the rights to this album… and the rest is history. That was 55 years ago and Bataan is still dazzling crowds around the world!