Johnny Colon & Orchestra –  Boogaloo Blues

Johnny Colon & Orchestra – Boogaloo Blues album cover

It all started out with a bluesy piano riff, performed and created by bandleader Johnny Colon. Then the band joined in followed by the husky, funky vocals of Tito Ramos. Altogether, a sound was created that swept New York, swept Latin America and swept through the Latin communities across the nation. Johnny Colon changed the way Latin music was expected to sound like to the Latinx youth, while demonstrating the artistry to cross-over into the pop market as well. 


Johnny, who was born in New York to Puerto Rican parents, burst into the world of entertainment with his Boogaloo sound and danceable rhythm section in 1967. A year later, he founded the East Harlem Music School, the first and only music school totally devoted to the teaching of Salsa music. Johnny Colon is a multi-talented musician who excels in piano and trombone and is a living legend.