Sonora Ponceña album cover

La Sonora Ponceña was founded in 1954 by Enrique “Quique” Lucca Caraballo. Today, Quique’s son, Papo Lucca, directs the band. The band has stayed active for a remarkable amount of time, recording dozens of albums, including a 55th anniversary album. The history of La Sonora Ponceña is the history of Quique Lucca (December 12, 1912 – October 9, 2016), who was born in Yauco, Puerto Rico In 1928. Towards the end of 1958, the band went into recording mode and included 12-year-old Papo Lucca. In September 1960, the group performed in New York. The group’s main attraction was its 12-year-old pianist, Papo Lucca. In 1968, the group recorded it’s first self-titled album. This 1972 release features the voices of Luigi Texidor and Tito Gomez and is arranged by leader Papo Lucca who plays Piano, Vibes and Tres on this recording.