Orlando Marin and His Orchestra –  Se Te Quemo La Casa

Orlando Marin and His Orchestra - Se Te Quemo La Casa

Bandleader Orlando Marin was born in 1935, and at age 86 is still active as a performer and bandleader. He is widely recognized as The Last Mambo King and travels with his musicians to several countries throughout Latin America; and regarded as an icon in Colombia where he has received a number of awards. Orlando formed his first band in 1951 with a group of musicians from the Bronx that included a very young Eddie Palmieri on piano. Orlando has led a clean life, served in Korea while in the US Army, and today still resides in his native New York and is of Puerto Rican descent. He has a history of recording hit albums for decades, “Se Te Quemo La Casa” being his landmark recording. In this album, recorded for Alegre Records, he features his long-time vocalist, Chivirico Davila. One of the best dance bands throughout his career, Marin creates excitement when he performs, as is evident in this album.