Pete Rodriguez – I Like It Like That

Pete Rodriguez - I Like It Like That

In 1967, Alegre Records released an album that produced one of the greatest success stories to ever come out of the Latin Music genre. “I Like It Like That” can still be heard in TV ads and as a musical part of several movies. The song, co-written by Pete, his brother Manny and Tony Pabon, has been covered many times; including Cardi B, Bad Bunny and J. Balvin. The meeting of the minds of two men (Pete and Tony) are responsible for this success. The vocals by Tony Pabon are exciting and joyous. Latin Boogaloo truly arrived when this album was released. The rest of the album brings an array of rhythms including a descarga where the band takes solos. The rest is upbeat salsa with plenty of hand clapping and much fun to listen and dance too.