Pete Rodriguez y Su Conjunto –  Latin Boogaloo

Pete Rodriguez y Su Conjunto – Latin Boogaloo

Pete Rodriguez exploded onto the Latin music scene with a sound that young Latinos could relate to in an instant. The Latin Boogaloo. This sound, which was not much more than a guajira riff with a back beat, gave young Latinos a sound they could respond to. Not only that, but it was sung in English, the language of young Latinos living in New York in the mid-sixties. Pete had the advantage of having associated himself with trumpeter/vocalist Tony Pabon, who was a crucial part of the boogaloo experience with his writing and exciting antics when he performed as lead vocalist for the band. This album gave us a taste of what was to be. It would be followed up by the gigantic Pete Rodriguez hit, I Like It Like That, an album from 1967 that still resounds through TV and movie themes worldwide. Pete served as a U S Marine and returned to his native Bronx, NY, in 1964. At that point, being a skilled pianist/arranger he set out to form a band of his liking with dreams of making a big impact on the Latin scene. He was to become the King of Boogaloo in a couple of years, thanks to recordings like this one, Latin Boogaloo.